Git Workflows Project

As part of the research underpinning the RoboTA Continuous Feedback and Assessment system, we are making a study of the various workflows that have been proposed for use with distributed version control systems (primarily, for Git).

In this work, we are:

  • Creating a common framework for describing the main workflows proposed so far, so that they can be more easily understood, compared and refined.
  • Based on the framework, devising an algorithm that can assess a Git repository for compliance with a given workflow.
  • Implementing the algorithm for use by RoboTA and as a standalone tool.
  • Evaluating the accuracy and usefulness of the tool using open source Git repositories.


We are making use of open source repositories to evaluate the algorithm and tool produced by this work. To do this, and to create a stable data set for experimentation, we have created clones of the repositories we are using. The set of repositories, hosted in GitHub, included in the study is:

If your own data is included in any of the repositories listed above, and you would prefer we did not use it in our research, please contact the named researchers at the end of the paper. We will remove your data from the study, and will not use it for any analysis from the date of your request.

For more information about this project, contact Julio Cesar Cortes Rios or Suzanne M. Embury.