Happy 1st Birthday, Institute of Coding!

On Friday, 25th January, the IoC celebrated the 1 year anniversary of its official announcement. The team gathered for cupcakes and some creative photography. (Thanks to Jez Lloyd from our external affairs team for the photo, and to the IoC Hub team at Bath for the delicious cupcakes.)

We also celebrated two new members joining our team.

Kamilla Kopec-Harding is our data science expert. She’ll be working on our learner analytics platform, helping us to understand how undergraduates learn core software engineering concepts, so we can devise more effective teaching materials.

Peter Crowther was recently awarded his PhD from the University of Bristol. He joins the team as a research software engineer, and will be writing Python code to extend our RoboTA prototype to support our second semester course units. He’ll also be working on adapting RoboTA to get our industry competence profiles up and running.

Welcome to the team, Peter and Kamilla!